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Have you ever taken the time to inspect your mouth for any signs of oral and throat cancer? If not, it is imperative to do so, as the disease can occur at any time and at any age and can severely disrupt your life and your oral health.

Always examine your mouth for any indications that oral cancer may be present. Typically, symptoms begin to arise with visual clues. This can include red, white, or speckled patches on your mouth, a heightened increase of bleeding in your mouth, abnormalities and irregularities with your gums, persistent sores, and dramatic weight loss.

Furthermore, if you’re suffering any irregularities with your oral health in regard to pain or loss of feeling, gum disease may be a fault. This includes unexplained numbness, pain or tenderness, throat soreness, chronic sore throat, ear pain, misaligned teeth, an overall general malaise, oral cancer may be to blame.

With the skilled craftsmanship of Dr. Mark Baker and our team at our office in St. George, Utah, we can make sure your smile thrives with oral cancer screenings. To schedule your appointment for an oral exam at Premier Dental, we invite you to give us a call today at 435-628-0621. Our entire team looks forward to helping you maintain your confident smile!