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Your tooth enamel is the strongest natural substance in your body, and it protects your teeth from harmful substances such as bacteria, plaque and acids that affect the health of your teeth. Tooth enamel prevents heat and cold in your food from affecting the inner tooth structure so that you don’t experience discomfort. However, your tooth enamel doesn’t have living cells to help it regrow if it disappears. You can maintain your tooth enamel for a lifetime by caring for it every day with proper oral hygiene.

Your enamel can suffer damage if you eat hard foods or ice, and we encourage you to pick your meals and snacks with care. Food can also chip and break the enamel if you have crooked teeth or an incorrect bite that comes together poorly. We also encourage you to treat any habits of grinding or clenching your teeth, as this can wear away tooth enamel.

Another common danger to tooth enamel is acid found in food and bacteria. Foods with sugar and starch mingle with bacterial plaque to produce harmful acids that strip away tooth enamel. Additionally, acidic foods and drinks such as citrus fruits can remove tooth enamel, due to their high acid concentration. Since fruits still have lots of essential vitamins that are good for your body, you can eat them in moderation. Rinse your mouth with water after to remove acid from the teeth.

For the sake of your tooth enamel, be way of the harmful foods in your diet and drink plenty of water to keep your mouth hydrated and increase saliva flow to clean your teeth naturally. Maintain effective oral care habits such as brushing twice a day, flossing your teeth once a day and receiving routine dental cleanings and exams twice a year.

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