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Are you familiar with a branch in dentistry called periodontics? If not, you are in the right place! Periodontics is a unique branch of dentistry that can help you with many severe problems related to your teeth and gums. There are many reasons to seek out a periodontist for your particular needs. Whether you need gum disease help or dental implant advice, our practice can help you.

Our dentist, Dr. Mark Baker, is happy to help you understand more about periodontics. To help you, our team at Premier Dental in St. George, Utah, is happy to share information with you, so you can understand periodontics better.

Here are some basic facts about periodontics:

– Periodontics is the study of your gums and any issues pertaining to them.
– After dental school, periodontists require an additional three years of study.
– Periodontists are trained to treat all stages of gum disease, including gingivitis.
– Through the application of dental implants, periodontists can help complete smiles that are suffering from missing teeth.
– Various treatments that periodontics offers includes scaling, root planing and root service debridement.

If you have questions about periodontics, or if you need to see us, please call us today at 435-628-0621 to make an appointment. Our team of experts is always happy to aid you in your quest for positive oral health.