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Do you in need a tooth restoration treatment? It’s likely that your best options are either a veneer or a crown. How do you know which one is best? The truth is that they are both very similar and very effective. But there are certain situations in which one works better than the other. Here are some questions to consider while you make your decision:

Why You Might Choose a Dental Crown:

– Has your damaged tooth had previous dental work, such as a dental implant, root canal, or dental filling? A crown will likely be a better fit.
– How did you damage your tooth? Was it from dental erosion or injury? In either case, a dental crown can be a useful restoration.
– How severe is the damage? If your tooth has been broken in pieces but doesn’t yet need an extraction, a crown is almost certainly your best bet.

Why You Might Choose a Dental Veneer:
– Do you want to eliminate as little tooth enamel as possible? Try a veneer instead of crown.
– Are you looking for something thin and lightweight? Veneers are lighter than crowns.
– Do your teeth have surface stains or light damage with a strong root? Dr. Mark Baker will likely recommend a veneer.
– Would you like help correcting spacing issues in your teeth? Veneers can help correct minor malocclusion issues like these.

If you are ready to take the next step to achieve a glorious smile with crowns or veneers, set an appointment with Premier Dental at our dentist office in St. George, Utah. We can easily be reached at 435-628-0621. Dr. Mark Baker and his expert team can give you the best advice to make a more informed decision about whether to have a crown or veneer installed in your mouth.