NuCalm® is the latest development in helping people to relax and feel more comfortable while at the dentist. NuCalm is a great natural alternative to nitrous oxide for nervous patients, or even for people who just want to relax after a busy day. NuCalm is designed to help your mind and your body relax within a matter of minutes. It also has healing effects which will leave you feeling less discomfort after your dental procedure.

How does NuCalm work? The system uses a combination of biochemistry, neurophysiology and physics to bring your brain and body into a state of calm, relieving your stress and allowing your body to re-charge. NuCalm creates a state of 100 % natural and deep relaxation, allowing you to feel, perform and live better! And, when you are finished using the NuCalm system, you won’t experience any side effects and will not need any recovery time!

Dr. Mark Baker and the team at Premier Dental are proud to offer NuCalm, a cutting edge dental technology, to our patients. If you would like to know more about how NuCalm can benefit you, or if you would like to make an appointment, please contact our office at 435-628-0621.