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The holidays are almost upon us, and with it, time to come up with gift-giving ideas. If you are looking for some new ideas, look no further. Today our Premier Dental team has some smile-friendly presents for you to share with those you love for healthier, beautiful smiles.

Electric toothbrush: Using advanced technology, these indispensable gizmos can clean teeth more effectively in less time than a manual toothbrush. This is particularly useful for people who have trouble brushing for two minutes each time they brush. Removing plaque and oral debris has never been easier.

Water Flosser: Many people don’t like to floss. But it vital to keep plaque and oral debris from between the teeth and gumline. If flossing is a challenge for someone you know, consider the gift of a water flosser. It makes getting rid of bacteria-causing plaque a breeze.

Dental Travel Kit: Giving someone a travel kit is wonderful for those going on a day trip. Toss in travel-sized versions of the following: toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and oral rinse. Help them keep their smiles in tip-top shape for those travel photos.

Mouth Guard: Smile protection is important for healthy teeth and oral tissues when someone is active in contact sports or recreational activities. A mouth guard is a perfect solution for keeping their smiles safe.

Sugarless Gum: Christmas stockings are normally filled with a variety of treats, including sweets. To offset this, stick some healthy packs of sugarless gum in for fun and to increase healthy saliva production that washes away oral debris. This ensures a cleaner mouth with fresher breath.

Teeth-whitening: A dull, stained smile can be depressing. A professional tooth whitening treatment is an ideal gift for this person. You can gift them with a tooth whitening kit or in-office whitening treatment for best results.

It’s not difficult to gift healthier smiles this holiday season. To find out more, or to schedule an appointment, call 435-628-0621 today. Our dentist, Dr. Mark Baker, and our team in St. George, Utah, are excited to provide you with a healthy, beautiful smile!