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Did you or someone you love just chip a tooth? You may be tempted to panic. But really, there is no worries. We at Premier Dental can help. And the best thing you can do is stay calm and carry on. And to help you carry on in this dental emergency, our Premier Dental dental team has some useful tips for you.

One step to take is to call Dr. Mark Baker immediately and book an appointment for as soon as possible. When you come into our office, you’ll want to bring any salvaged pieces of tooth with you. If you have a Save-a-Tooth kit, you can place it in that to help preserve it. Otherwise, place it in a glass of milk or water.

A second step to take is to control bleeding and reduce swelling. You can control this bleeding by applying a piece of gauze to the area until the bleeding stops. At times you may need to trade the soaked pad for a fresh one. You can reduce swelling by placing a cold compress on the cheek or lip closest to the injured area. This will not only keep swelling down but relieve any pain.

If you do this, you’ll be on your way in the direction of treating your chipped tooth in St. George, Utah. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call our office at 435-628-0621. Our dental team would be more than happy to answer any questions and support you as you work through this difficult experience.